Four Afternoon Pick Me Ups Without a Starbucks In Sight!

Four Afternoon Pick Me Ups Without a Starbucks In Sight!

I came across a whole folder filled with articles I have written in the past. So I am going to start adding them again to my blog, BUT they will be updated to 2020 and beyond.

Starting with, 4 ways to pick you up without being able to run to your local Starbucks for one of their famous wake me up cup of Joe!
It’s afternoon, you’re starting to feel rundown, wondering how you’re going to muster enough get up and go to finish out your day. If you have given up caffeine or trying to cut back, here are four energy-boosters without a coffee cup or soda in sight!

Walk or run up 2 flights of stairs trying to take 2 at a time. Land on every other one going up, then turn around and land on the one missed going down. Do this twice. It is a great way to get your circulation and heart rate going. Even just getting up and moving around can help wake you some.

Run your hands under cold water for about 20 seconds. Now close your eyes. Using the middle finger of each hand, tap each of the following areas five times. Between your eyebrows, the top of your cheekbones, your chin and the area just under your nose.
That each one 5 times and what your doing is stimulating the nerve endings on our face which in turn gives you an all-over pick me up.

Try slathering yourself with citrus scents. We all know how orange juice wakes us up and good for us but did you know that just the scent can enhance your energy and boost mood? Look for products infused with lemon, lime or orange essential oils. Even just hand cream with the scent of oranges can help lift up your spirits.

When all else fails, why not take a power nap? Even grownups still need naps. Try to darken the room, set the alarm for about 20 minutes. Most cell phones these days have an alarm feature. Now lay back in your chair or lay down on your couch, close your eyes and relax! A good power nap is no longer than 30 minutes at the least.

Go ahead and try these simple but easy tips to help muster up enough energy to make it though your day, without your beloved cup of Starbucks.

Originally published October 28, 2005

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